Medicare Insurance

medicare insurance

Medicare Insurance can be so confusing. I would be happy to help guide you through your available options with a goal to keep your costs as low as possible.

What you need to know…

Medicare Insurance is made up of various “parts”. Literally. You’ve got Part A for hospital coverage. Part B for doctors and outpatient treatment. Part C is not actually part of Original Medicare but are sold by private companies and called “Medicare Advantage”. Part D is prescription drug coverage; again, not part of Original Medicare, but sold by private companies.

Then you also have Medicare Supplements. These aren’t called Parts A, B, C, D, etc. However, they ARE given “plan” names, like “Plan F”, “Plan G”, “Plan N”. Confused yet? You won’t be after we have our consultation. I’ll make everything very easy to grasp and remember and I’ll send you a “presentation” with everything we discuss so you’ll have something to reference later. This will go over all these Medicare Parts, as well as the exact prices of any coverage options we explore together.

Lastly, Medicare doesn’t cover Dental or Vision. That coverage has to be found in a private plan. It can also be part of a Medicare Advantage plan. What you really need to know is: you can have Original Medicare by itself, with a Supplement; or drop Original Medicare for a “Medicare Advantage” plan

I will help you explore these differences so you can see what makes the best fit for YOUR particular situation. I will spend as much time with you as it takes to make sure you understand everything.

First I Get to Know Your Needs

I’ll need to know when you enrolled in Medicare, a little about your health, what medicines you take, any specific doctors or hospitals you need to ensure are on your plan. I’ll need to know what you like and don’t like about your current Medicare plan(s).
If you are shopping for a spouse as well, I will need to discuss his/her specifics too so that I can present plan options for both of you that are tailored for your individual situations.

Then I Research Your Options

I will painstakingly research your drug costs so that you can be shown the plan or plans that will cover them most cheaply. I will look at Medicare Advantage Plans in your area and see if any might make a good fit. I will look at Medicare Supplement prices to see if you are currently paying more than you need to. If you need Dental or Vision coverage, or anything else, I will also look into those options for you.

We Schedule a Consultation to Talk In-depth About Your Choices

I will typically send you a personalized presentation that you can look at as we talk through my research findings for you. I find people can retain a lot more when they are both looking at and hearing the information at the same time. It also gives you something to keep to refresh your memory when we get off the phone. Many agents won’t do this because they rely on “fast-talking” and confusion to manipulate you into a sale. There are a ton of sharks out there.

Professional Advice and Service

After our consultation, you may decide you want to change your Medicare Supplement, prescription drug plan, etc. I would be happy to complete those applications for you to make the process as easy as I can. And I won’t abandon you. I’ll be here, day after day, month after month, to answer your questions, help you with issues, and review your coverage options every year to make sure that if there are any ways to save money for the next year, we take a hard look at those alternatives.

Here’s why you need this

  • It seems that each year Medicare gets more confusing. New plans, new networks, new deductibles, new copays. Let’s work together so that we keep a firm grasp on everything and nothing takes us by surprise.
  • What worked for you one year may in fact not be what works best the next. It’s important to review your plans annually, especially Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Having a trusted partner you can rely on year after year saves countless time trying to explain your situation to dozens of new individuals who may or may not “get it”, and who see you only as a “sale”.
  • Medicare Insurance is a complete departure from the health insurance coverage you had before turning 65. You need someone who understands these differences and can lead you to the best new options that you will be happy with for the lowest price possible.
  • Each year I like to take your favorite plan, and put it up side-by-side with the next best plan, and see if you’d still like to stick with your current plan. If you are happy with your current plan, we’ll look for any programs that may help put money back in your pocket.