Medicare Insurance in South Carolina – All You Need To Know

medicare insurance south carolina

Every American citizen aged 65 and older as well as many people who are under 65 with disabilities are eligible to get Medicare Insurance. Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides health care coverage not only in South Carolina but all across the United States whether you use it as your primary health coverage, as supplement insurance coverage, or even as an additional coverage to another coverage policy.

As a Medicare beneficiary, there are a variety of coverage options to choose from for residents in South Carolina. But before that, let’s see The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) report about the trends of Medicare Insurance in South Carolina for 2021. 

  • All residents in South Carolina with Medicare will have access to a Medicare Advantage.  The good news to beneficiaries is that some of these plans have premiums as low as $0.  Typically, the lower your premium is, the more “managed” your care becomes, but that’s an acceptable tradeoff to many people.
  • About 20% of  South Carolinians are enrolled in Medicare; that’s slightly more than the national average.  With a total population of 5M residents, that amounts to over one million people.
  • A slight decrease of 3.54 percent on the average monthly Medicare Advantage premium from $13.98 in 2020 to $13.49 in 2021.
  • There are 96 Medicare Advantage plans that are available in 2021, compared to 88 plans in 2020.

Medicare Plans In South Carolina

  1. Original Medicare – is made up of two parts, Part A and Part B. You are automatically enrolled in this plan when you turn 65 years old. Part A (Hospital Insurance) is for hospital coverage, in-patient care in a hospital, nursing facility or home health care. Part B (Medical Insurance) is for doctors and outpatient treatment that are not covered in the hospital insurance. Take note that Original Medicare does not pay for all the services that seniors or disabled may need. There are deductibles, copayments, and services that beneficiaries may be responsible to pay.
  1. Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) – formerly known as Medicare + Choice and is sold by private companies to enhance the coverage you receive from the Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plan in South Carolina provides the option of additional coverage for wellness programs, transportation needs or dental and vision care.  Over a third of SC residents are enrolled in some form of Medicare Advantage plan.  Some of the plans available in SC include those from Cigna, Humana, Aetna, AARP, UHC, Blue Cross, Wellcare, Allwell, Clear Spring, Bright Advantage, and Lasso (a Medical Savings Account).
  1. Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) – these are plans sold by private companies that cover prescription drug costs.  Some of the carriers for these plans in SC include: SilverScript, Clear Spring, Elixir, Wellcare, Humana, Cigna, Wellcare, Mutual of Omaha, Express Scripts, and AARP.
  1. Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap) – also sold by private companies to help cover Original Medicare costs like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Many companies in South Carolina offer Medigap, including AARP, Accendo, Aetna, Cigna, and Bankers Fidelity.

Navigating Medicare Insurance is confusing at the same time frustrating. Working with an independent insurance broker is the easiest way to help you choose the right Medicare plans that suit your needs and it doesn’t cost you anything, no broker fee.