Health Insurance

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Never an exciting topic…More like a necessary evil. However, you may very well need it. I can help you examine your options as painlessly as possible, with zero sales pressure.

What you need to know…

Most people that call me know ZERO about what options are out there for them. I wouldn’t either if I weren’t in the business. It’s confusing. And nobody talks about it because health insurance isn’t about what “products” you buy. Instead it’s about rules and regulations and what you’re able to qualify for and WHEN you’re able to enroll in a certain plan type, etc.

So let me give you a birdseye view, just so you know the general landscape. There are basically 3 types of health insurance: (1) The ACA (Obamacare) marketplace; (2) Off-market plans that are similar to ACA, but only available in select states; and (3) Term Medical policies that cover you for a specific period of time, like 2 or 3 years, or 6 months.

Then there is a separate category of plans that are NOT major medical type policies. In other words, they perform poorly if you’re using them for catastrophic coverage. They are called “Indemnity” plans or “Limited Benefit” plans. Many times these are sold as “health insurance”, but I caution clients to not rely on these plans as their sole coverage unless they just absolutely cannot afford anything better. And not to totally poo-poo these plans.. when used appropriately in an overall plan design where they function as they’re meant to, they can be absolutely great. I’ll help you understand how these may or may not fit into your coverage portfolio.

Lastly, there are specified illness policies such as those for cancer, for heart attack and stroke, for critical illness, for hospital stays, etc. I will help you know when or how these plans may be right or wrong for your situation.