Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Good question, and here’s the answer: the lowest we can get away with. You may have heard, “You get what you pay for.” This isn’t always true. It is too easy to overpay and get the same quality you could have gotten for much less.

Let me give you my philosophy on price: in 99% of the cases, I think you should be enrolling in the least expensive companies or plans out there. Not in every case because sometimes the company doesn’t have a good rating, or is not well known; in that case, I will usually suggest the next cheapest option to make sure the company itself is solid and you’re going to feel good about your decision. So much of insurance is peace of mind; you need to sleep well at night. You can’t do that if you are spending over your budget, or if you put your business with a company you have no confidence in.

Do you work with people by phone or in-person?

All of my discussions with clients take place by phone. That’s a saving grace in this COVID-19 environment as there’s no reason to risk the health and wellbeing of you and your family by meeting with someone who goes from home to home spending time with people in enclosed poorly-ventilated spaces.

How can we really get stuff done by phone? Isn’t is difficult and awkward?

Not in the slightest. I think it is sooo much better, actually. Almost anything I would need to show you would be by computer, and you’ll see it a lot better looking at your own computer than you would looking over my shoulder at mine. Or if we’re just talking, it’s easier to concentrate on the phone without all the visual distractions.

Almost all applications for insurance are online, as well as payment methods. You will typically sign your paperwork just by clicking on a link in your email from the insurance company, reviewing your app for accuracy, and typing your name as your signature.

Everyone at every age has been able to do this with no problem. Trust me.

How do I know you’re a real person? I get telemarketing calls all the time, are you just in a phone room somewhere?

No, not at all. I hate calling people. I’m not a telemarketer. If we’re talking it’s because YOU found ME. And I recommend that you never talk to a telemarketer about insurance. I too get their calls all the time, and am flabbergasted by how rude and insulting they can be when they find out you’re not buying from them.

You should really not be talking to telemarketers at all. About anything.

I run an organization that helps people become aware of these online and telephonic scams and prepare themselves to defend against these dishonest practices. My website is called The Scam Proof Senior.

I am licensed in 10 states. I have had numerous background checks, fingerprints, FBI checks, criminal history checks, etc. I am also a Gulf War veteran.

I get up every morning to help people. People just like you!

Can I trust you working with my elderly mom? Will you work towards her best interest?

You have every right to be concerned. It is good that you take an interest in her well being and to make sure she is not disadvantaged by a manipulative peddler. This happens frequently.

What I normally suggest is that you be involved in the process. Perhaps we do calls together. Maybe you’d like to be included on all the emails. Maybe you’d like to approve of any of the changes we make in her coverage selections.

To all this I say yes! I love working this way because it really helps if there’s a trusted family member in the loop.

What if I want to know more about you?

You might want to read some of the over 400 articles I’ve written on Quora. (Just type in my name, you’ll see me) This is 6 years worth of writing content for the sole purpose of helping people, and with no self promotion.

Want to see one such story: this is by far my most popular one: If You See A Homeless Dog, Would You Feed It?

I have also been a mentor at a troubled youth facility, spent years feeding the homeless in Orlando, mentored several entrepreneurs across the globe, and served our country in time of war. I’m all about “adding value” and making the world a better place.