dental vision plans

I can help you find coverage for Dental and/or Vision. There are a few good plans out there and a lot of junk ones. I’ll help you find a “good” one.

What you need to know…

There are about 15-20 companies out there that offer true dental “insurance”. Not a dental “plan”, but actual insurance. Out of that 15-20, there are a few good choices, a few mediocre ones, and several unattractive ones.

How do you know good dental insurance from bad? First thing you need to do is add up how much you’ll actually be paying in premiums over the course of a year.

Then look at the total dollar amount of benefits that plan provides. Is it $1000, $1500, $2000? Does the amount your paying each year seem like an adequate tradeoff for the amount of premium you’re parting with?

Then we have to look at the dentists that are covered. Do you have a dentist that you absolutely must see? Then you need to check the plan’s network. If your dentist isn’t there, it doesn’t matter how “good” the plan is, it simply won’t work “good” for you.

You also need to look at waiting periods. If you are in desperate need for “major” work, but the plan has a 12-mo waiting period on “major” coverage, that is something to know up front.

These same principles can be used for Vision coverage. These are the types of things we’ll discuss as we explore your Dental/Vision options.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

When someone writes me and says “give me a quote!”; I can’t get very far with that. Selecting the right coverage for you is not that simple. So let’s talk about your needs, the type of work you foresee needing done and when. How much total coverage you need. Whether you need to see a specific dentist or are open to a new one. Whether or not you need Vision coverage included with your plan.

Let’s Review Your Options

I won’t overwhelm you with information. There will typically be just one or two companies in the market that fit all of your criteria. From the one best company, they might have various plans underneath their umbrella. Narrowing down what plan is going to be the best value for your money is the way I can best serve you.

How to save money

Sometimes due to high premiums, a dental “plan” can be a better choice for you than actual dental insurance. There are typically 10-15 of these plans in your area. We’ll look at them and see what might fit your needs best. These cost much less than actual “insurance”.

Professional advisor

I will be there for you “after the sale”. I’m not going anywhere. Call anytime. You are never a bother.
Need help finding a new dentist, need to look at other plans? It’s my pleasure to help make your life better if I can. I’d be happy to be your agent for life, even if you move to another state.

Here’s why you need this

  • Your dental coverage may consist of actual “insurance” or simply dental discount plans. Both have their place, but one is typically better than another for your situation. Usually “budget” is the deciding factor.
  • Vision coverage can be well worth it. Having a low copay to get an exam, then a low copay for lenses, and an “allowance” to get the frames of your choice with no money out of pocket is huge.
  • Many Americans neglect their eyesight or their dental health because they procrastinate until they get adequate coverage. This can needlessly exacerbate the problem, especially if we may be able to find affordable coverage for you.
  • Dental plans can be decent. Not “wonderful”, but decent. Be careful though: many have limited coverage and high premiums. I’ll help you navigate this terrain; no worries.
  • Neglect of dental health can lead to other health complications if not treated. Infections in the teeth or gums can travel to other parts of the body and create a surprising medical emergency.